Rebooting accepted elements

Hello forum,

I’m having a problem that may be related to … php?t=5586 , but I think off topic enough for a new thread.

We’ve been trying to pre-provision radios in Prizm before the installers head out with them for the day to eliminate the requirement of two people doing an install. The addition seems to go alright, but after the radio is initially brought online and attempts to authenticate, Prizm rarely reboots it. This is happening when we “Accept and manage” a quarantined element as well - Prizm will add it internally, assign an IP address, log that the radio “was rebooted”… and times out.

Visiting the radio through the AP’s proxy shows that it’s sitting there with the new IP address setting in place, “Reboot required”. This has been going on with multiple APs for the last few weeks, but today I witnessed Prizm reboot 1 of 2 new radios today without manual intervention.

Has anybody run into this before? I’m pretty new to Prizm, but as far as I can tell nothing’s changed from two months ago when it used to work aside from adding a few new APs.


Follow-up for anyone who stumbles across this with the same issue - Prizm 3.1 Patch 1 solved this for me.