Receive Corrupt Data Count Going up Fast, Help Me!

The Receive Corrupt Data Count field under RF Statistics is climbing quickly.

I’m also getting a lot of these error messages:

File C:/ISIPPC/pssppc.250/bsps/devices/whisp/bridge.c : Line 1841 BroadcastMsg() SrcIF out of range. 5

When this happens, ping times to my AP and SM clients all stair climb at different intervals. It’s really cool looking, but is reaking havoc with that sector.

This problem roams between a couple of AP’s in a cluster.

Anyone help me???

When you click on “RF CB STAT” do you see a high number of “outdiscards Count” and little to no “indiscards Count” Below is what mine looks like. Not sure if yours is similar.

RF Control Block Statistics
inoctects Count 4264555962
inucastpkts Count 20304659
Innucastpkts Count 197136
indiscards Count 0
inerrors Count 0
inunknownprotos Count 0
outoctets Count 820723984
outucastpktsCount 23293891
outnucastpkts Count 3306499
outdiscards Count 60264
outerrors Count 0

I think that is what mine looks like, but it’s not doing it right now though.

What does that indicate?

Canopy Support may be able to explain it better than I. I wonder if it has anything to do with the downlink/uplink percentages.

i have same problem, receive corrupt data count…what is it mean?