Receive Power low at far end (-90dBm) and -47 dBM at near end

Greetings to all,

Seeking for advice on why my setup receive power is unbalance? Alignment of antenna seems not the issue as the path is stable even during heavy rain. I'm new to PTP800 and I don't know where to start.

Freq = 6 - 7 GHz

Antenna = 3 ft

Single ODU

Site A = -90 dBm / vector -30 dBm

Site B = -47 dBm / vector -29.5 dBm     

Any thoughts or ideas is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.   


I suggest going through the 'Installation' wizard at each end to verify configuration settings are equal. It is critical to enter the licensed EIRP, Antenna gain and this will allow you to set the correct max Tx power. Also it is important to align the results with Link Planner design.