Recent Cambium Support Encounters

I feel like Cambium support is not really into helping customers lately. I have now had two 450M APs exhibit issues. One was an obvious error and they immediately said send it back. That was then followed with oh, nevermind, it is out of warranty. I have the AP sitting at my desk and I’ve attempted to get some feedback on the error, but they won’t give any information.

The most recent one I submitted today has no obvious errors, but keeps loosing the ethernet connection. I’m immediately told to replace it. Some of these sites are not as easy as “just replace it”. Are they not trying to troubleshoot devices anymore?

I’m also still waiting on an RMA response for 450b SMs that they have usually been super fast on, but instead this is just hanging out in limbo.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues recently? We’ve had really good luck with our 450M APs, so maybe this is the answer to all of them that are having issues?

Are these 450m 3GHz AP’s?

These are 5Ghz, and I’m going to eat a little egg here. I specifically asked support with this second AP why aren’t you doing more troubleshooting steps and they responded it was because we provided all the troubleshooting steps they would have put us through. I guess I don’t realize how efficient we can be at times.

Another issue did come up while I was working on the second 450M, the first AP with the obvious error they said we were out of warranty and then I did that handy dandy warranty checker on the support page and we have support until 2022. I sent a screen shot and they are going to get us a new one, but I would have thought they would have caught it being under warranty when I asked.

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