Recommendation for ePMP 3000

What is the recommended 120° Sector Antenna for ePMP 3000? And what is the recommended CPEs for this for better performance? Any other filter required for upload? If yes please recommend.

Hello Oluonzi,

the ePMP 3000 has the 120 degrees sector antenna plus a smart beamforming antenna, all of them connected on the same ePMP 3000 radio.
I recommend you buy both when you place your order.

On the CPEs side, there are the following models:

Considering an urban area with a certain level of interference, I would advise this:

  1. ePMP Force 300-16 with 16 dBi gain antenna: its range will be ideal for 1-3 Km roughtly
  2. ePMP Force 300-19 with 19 dBi gain antenna: I would consider using it not beyond 4-6 Km
  3. ePMP Force 300-25 with 25 dBi gain antenna: I would use it up to 8 Km
  4. ePMP Force 300 CSM with a dish antenna for example of 2 feet or beyond. This can work even beyond 10 Km depending on the region.

I would recommend you that before you buy the CPEs you consider:

  1. the place to deploy your network: rural or city. In rural, you need to optimize investment and use
    few towers and achieve long range communication. So use high gain CPEs. In the city, you need to
    line of sight, hence more towers and you need more capacity, hence create shorter links to customers.

  2. Plan your network and have an estimation of how far your clients will be to select the right CPE.

Would you mention where you want to build your network?

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

It is not recommended to use 120deg sectors unless you are doing a 4 AP tower with a lot of overlap.

It is better to use 90deg sectors, you gain more than 3db performance and better sector throughput. This way you are also primed for frequency reuse and can avoid having to design a 3 frequency design which shrinks the available spectrum in both terms of clean channels and channel width

Hello @Douglas_Generous ,

thank you for adding the 90 degrees sector.

That is more efficient.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Hello Olympe,
I am going to use this in urban area with less High building. Also I would like to mention that the tower we are looking at using for the AP is a shared tower with heavy frequency interference. Most AP are on 5Ghz.
Any recommendations are appreciated.
We plan to create hotspot in several places and all of them linked to the AP. Total of 30 CPEs (each CPEs with its wireless high density).

Hello Okuonzi,

in high interfered area, I do recommend the PMP 450m Access Point and with PMP 450b SM or CPEs.

If you do Wi-Fi connected to the CPEs, you need high quality links on the wireless.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Just a quick technical note here… the e3k’s OEM antenna, PN C050910D301A is actually a 70deg antenna with 3dB roll off, and around 90deg at 6dB. This is in contrast to the original OEM “120/90deg” antenna made for e2k. People that have upgraded sites from the original antenna to the new e3k antenna (myself included) have reported cut offs and lower signal near the edges of the sector due to this.
SS_ePMP3000_SectorAntenna_10032018_bleed.pdf (694.3 KB)

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Hello Olympe,
Thanks for these insightful inputs.
I did check and found a range of SMs:

  • 450b Retro
  • 5 GHz PMP 450b Mid-gain Subscriber Module
  • 5 GHz PMP 450b Connectorized Subscriber Module
    Which one specifically can be suitable?

And on the APs: I guess my choice lies on:

  • 5 GHz PMP 450m Fixed Wireless Access Point with cnMedusa™ Technology (I will use 4 of them on the tower)

Hello Eric,
The pdf attachment can’t be opened.
Please could you check?

Where are you getting a 120° sector for the ePMP 3000 ? 3000L yes, but 3000 ?

Hello @brubble1 ,

I made a mistake. The ePMP 3000 AP uses the Cambium Networks 90° ePMP 4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna C050910D301 (16.1dBi).

Thank you for mentioning that.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Hello Mr. @Alex_Okuonzi ,

the PMP 450b High Gain would be ideal as it covers short, middle range links efficiently.This is the one we comonly use in our network.
The PMP 450b Mid-Gain Subscriber Module is great too for short ranges and a very good form factor and can be installed easily on a small universal pole mount.

Regarding the PMP 450m AP, you are correct. You can consider that one. I have attached a Bill of Quantity for reference in ordering. It is for 4 PMP 450m AP and tower switch to power them up.

Let me know if you have more questions. I can guide you.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe
4_PMP 450m_APs ordering-Bill of Quantity.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Hello could send these details by email ? And please include images of every parts?