Recommendations for ePMP AP Installation in Deployments with Increased Data-Line Surge Probability

The need for power surge protection

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Structures, equipment and people must be protected against power surges (typically caused by lightning) by conducting the surge current to ground via a separate preferential solid path. The actual degree of protection required depends on local conditions and applicable local regulations.

While ePMP power supply and radio equipment does include surge suppression electronics, in some cases of increased surge risk 

additional suppression equipment may be required. In this case, Cambium Networks recommends incorporating a APC  Gigabit Ethernet Surge Suppressor incorporating a PRM4 chassis or something similar to a Tupavco gigabit surge suppressor. This will be required along with the Tycon (Model TP-

DCDC-2448GD-HP) power converter for maximum surge protection in all scenarios. 

The links below can be used to obtain these two components

It is very important that for optimum protection, the Tycon power convertor is placed as close to the GPS AP, followed by the surge suppressor. Both of these units should be close to the actual unit and not at the base.



Full details of lightning protection methods and requirements can be found in the international standards IEC 61024-1 and IEC 61312-1, the U.S. National Electric Code ANSI/NFPA No. 70-1984 or section 54 of the Canadian Electric Code.