The graphs in the new 1.2.3 f/w release are certainly helpful, but it would be nice to be able to change the units from pps to Mbps, if that is the data the user would prefer to see.

Also, it would be very useful if the AP’s Connected STA List (in Monitor:Wireless Status) also listed the QoS profile (if the AP is configured that way), since there is currently no way to determine which profile an STA is configured to use without being logged into the STA.

Darren - Thanks for the feedback on the graphs. We’re making some changes to the Home page including removing unhelpful graphs. We are still tinkering with what is the best data to show on the home page. So keep the feedback coming!

As for the QoS profile in the Connected STA list, this can been included in the System Release 1.3.4.