Recommended PTP230 Settings

I just purchased a couple of PTP230 BHs to connect a tower back to my Headend. This is my first experience with these radio and I’m looking for advice on setting up the radio configuration with regards to the channel bandwidth, Cyclic Prefix, and do you usually enable the SNR Calculation?

we use 1/16 to get max thruput, you only need CIR caluation for trouble shooting, do a spectrum from both ends of the link, grab a clean channel and make sure you have the needed CIR ratio for 3x and enjoy good performance at a low cost :slight_smile:

if you are not a good clean LOS, use 1/8 or 1/4 to make the link more stable, but you will lose some speed.

if you are using VoIP you want to make sure you are geting 99% plus link tests, lock your modulation down if needed to keep your voice quality good. (1x, 2x, 3x)

channel size is up to you, if you have a clean spec with the room for 20mhz, go ahead and use it. you can always recyle the channel thanks to GPS sync :slight_smile:
we have 3 230s on the same tower, using the same channel without any trouble (they have 27rd reflectors on them also) the closet gap is about 60 degrees. we hare using 1/16 and 20mhz channel.