Recommended software version for ePMP Products


This article describes the recommended software versions for ePMP radios and to update the device radio software to take advantage of new software features and improvements.


  • ePMP 1000, ePMP 2000, ePMP Force 100/110/130/180/190/200, ePMP Elevate – 802.11n
  • ePMP 3000/3000L, Force 300 series PTP 550/550E – 802.11ac


Software upgrades may be issued via the radio web interface (Tools > Software Upgrade) or via cnMaestro (

  • ePMP 802.11n radios are compatible with ePMP 802.11ac radios only with 4.x software version or higher
  • ePMP 802.11ac radios only support 4.x software versions or higher

It is recommended that AP and SM have the same software version:

Product Software Version
ePMP 1000 4.6.1
ePMP 2000 4.6.1
ePMP 3000 4.6.1
ePMP Force 110/130/180/190/200 4.6.1
ePMP Force 130 4.6.1
ePMP Force 300 4.6.1
ePMP Force 300-13L 4.6.1
PTP 550/550E 4.6.1
  • For the GPS synchronized devices we must ensure both the Active and In-Active software
    banks are upgraded to the same version.

The software files could be downloaded under ePMP section from the link below:
  • For GPS Sync radio use ePMP-GPS_Synced-vX.X.tar.gz

  • For non-GPS Sync radio use ePMP-NonGPS_Synced-vX.X.tar.gz

  • For 802.11ac devices use ePMP-AC-vX.X.img

  • The old software files are under Previous ePMP Files archive section on downloads page on support website, below is the link for reference:


  • The release notes with stability and caveats could be found below

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