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What is the most stable version for AP, SM, and BH?

Because so many information flying around in this forum :?

thx in advance

We use 7.36 for All AP’s (P9), SM’s (P9 & P 8) and 8.2 for P10
For BH we are using 7.14 and 7.29

How is your network running? My feeling is that if it’s working right now leave it alone until spring.

We are still on 7.3.6 with exception of having 8.2 on one 900AP/SM set. My hesitation is the issues with NAT. We have a few customers out there with SM’s running NAT and I don’t need the service calls.

As stable as everything is and with winter coming, we won’t do any software changes until spring, perhaps by then the NAT issues will be resolved.

we have strange experience,

we received 1 box of p10 board, when we try to installed with p9 AP it can only registering, but if we change the SM to old p9, than the SM can registered to AP without any problem.

we have p10 installed and registered with p9 ADV, than after 2 days suddenly the p10 SM wont registered until we change the new SM at the customer.

we accidentally upgrade the SM to 8.14, we are using CNUT. we are trying to downgrade to 7.36, somehow from 21 SM only show 16 SM, the rest is hang. we visit the customer and check the SM, it is scanning and lost of all AP, we downgrade to 7.36 and everything work fine.

any clue what happened?

all p10 board use ver 8.2

I would try upgrading only the APs to 8.2. This way NAT would work on the existing 7.3 SMs.

We didn’t have problems when we upgraded all the APs to 8.1.5, all the 7.x SM have registered.

P9 APs: 7.3.6
P10 APs: 8.2
P9 SMs: 7.3.6
P10 SMs: 8.2 (Desperately awaiting 8.2.1 any day now a month ago)
P9 BH: 7.1.4 Software Scheduling
P10 BH:

P10 SMs running 8.2 have no problem registering to an AP running 7.3.6

Quite a few P10 SMs are having hardware problems, if one does not work try another. My installers are going out with 2-3x as many SMs as needed for the jobs for that day. Some also install correctly then a few days later have problems. Thankfully there doesnt seem to be any problem getting RMAs for this equipment.

Running 8.1.5 on everything and just upgraded the P9 and P10 BHs to 8.2 V2…

Everything running smooth for now… have had 8.1.5 since it came out. We are not running NAT and all Customers are behind a router… Smooth sailing!!!


Since you are not running NAT on your client, maybe 8.2v2 is good to go? 8)