Recommnedations on mapping programs?

I am looking for a program to use for mapping the locations of our SM’s and AP clusters. Bacisally for the overall network. My company is using Pathloss, Microsoft Map point and a Magellan program. It is not the most ideal setup having to import and export waypoints.

Does anyone have any reccomendations?


Bryan Memmer
Soultions Consultant

RadioMobile ( Free.

* Great for inputting GPS locations (AP, SM, BH, etc.)
* Merging of Google Maps, Terraserver, Street Maps, etc.
* Propagation Maps (excellent!)
* Point-to-Point Profiling
* Saving images and using them as Google Earth overlays (even more awesome!)
* Possibilities are endless…imagination drive’s it’s uses.

Yes I agree RM is great…but it’s not simple by any stretch. You’ll need to commit a few hours to it to learn how to use it. Frig…I’ve been useing it for a year and I’m still learning.

RM is SO worth the pain of learning.

You can also have frequency-specific coverage maps like:


thanks for the link to the program.

I am not a computer savy person.

How do you install the program?

we Use Delorme here. its not 3d but it gets the job done

we also use Google Earth to look at customers locations before we sell.

"I am not computer savvy, how do I install the program?"

Hire someone who is savvy enough to follow the directions and show you how to use it. It may take them 1-8 hours to be able to do this for you.

Alternately, follow the directions and work through whatever problems you encounter on your own. This might take 4-32 hours for someone who is not savvy.

For what it’s worth.

Garmin software “Mapsource Streets and recreation” works well and has a google earth menu built in for viewing. It has 17 different layers to sort out the No signal areas and installed SM’s and other particulars.

Easy to use and low cost.

Best part is with a Garmin GPS, points can be uploaded and downloaded to the field crew for turn by turn directions very easily.