Recovering broken transmission (0)

I have several of that information in the event log session.

3/22/2023 : 08:43:17 CET : Acquired sync pulse from Main/Power Port
03/23/2023 : 19:06:11 CET : :Recovering broken transmission (0)
03/24/2023 : 18:30:21 CET : :Recovering broken transmission (1)
03/25/2023 : 16:22:00 CET : :Recovering broken transmission (2)
03/26/2023 : 13:25:51 CET : :Recovering broken transmission (3)
03/26/2023 : 13:56:21 CET : :Recovering broken transmission (4)
03/26/2023 : 16:11:18 CET : :Recovering broken transmission (5)
03/28/2023 : 06:05:12 CET : :Recovering broken transmission (0)

What’s mean? The client disconnects every time


Hey @Telemar,

Is this a MicroPoP AP by chance?

The software here is detecting a problem in the the downlink transmission and resolving it automatically. But as you mentioned, it when the downlink transmission is broken the sessions will probably drop and should reconnect automatically.

Unfortunately we do not have this resolved in latest release even 22.1 beta.

We have rearchitected this and believe this will be resolved in a future release. I’m not sure what the future release number will be maybe 23.0. Once we are ready for an open beta, I would love you to try it out. I don’t have a timeline for availability of it yet, but still several months away.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Yes, it’s a MicroPOP…
Thank you Charlie!!!

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