reduced speed and performance after 9.0 upgrade

Has anyone noticed a decrease in speeds and performance on their 900mhz stuff after upgrading to 9.0?

I have two 900 sites that have been running for two years+ and right after I upgraded them I had complaints of slower speeds.

I thought I would check with you guys before I started downgrading stuff.


No issues here as per slower speeds.

On my APs the maximum aggregate speed is the usual one (close to 7 mbps)

I’m actually seeing better performance after the upgrade.

Yes, I have noticed on one of my 900 AP’s that some of the SM’s are having reduced speeds while others show they are fine. Do you notice there speed tests vary throughout the day?

I have several sm’s with a 60-69 dbm and 3-5 jitter having a total AG of 1 mb when they previously held 3.8 AG. I thought it might have been my AP set to 11 miles when my furthest client was in 8.9 so i set it back down to 9 miles and the speeds picked up for about an hour on one of the slower SM’s then dropped back down. The SM’s signal quality remains the same with little fluctuations but there Link Cap is all over the place.

On the SM’s that have a poor signal there Downlink Eff was previously in the 90%+ now its in the 30% range. I am thinking about moving this segment back to 8.2.7 then back into 9.0. I must have 9.0 since my network deployment screams for PPPoe and working DHCP which I still also see problems with. sigh

I already took mine back to 8.2.7 with no positive results.