Reflector and a wind blow

Hello, everybody.
A question about a Canopy reflector and a wind loading. Can a reflector stand the 40 m/s wind blast? Is anybody expirienced here? Has somebody
reflectors destroyed by wind? What was the wind velocity?

Hi. Just last night we had 75MPH gusts slapping us around. I spent most of this mornig assessing the damage. Much to my surprise, we have NO downed clients, just a few re-regs, and no one seems to have lost any signal strength. We have about 220 clients, with roughly 60% on dishes.

Im assuming we are talking about 2.4 and 5.2/5.7 GHz being used with dishes correct?

The official Canopy support answer:
The Wind Survival for a Canopy module with a reflector dish is 190 km/hr (118 miles/hr).

what i will tell you is from my own experience.
Last week we had wind blowing a 100km/h.
One of our SM with a reflector is completly smashed.

the pole wich retained the dish bent and broke.

I’ll post some pictures soon…

The pole had broken, not the reflector mount itself.

yes i’m talking about the reflector mount

see picture:

We’ve had two dishes self destruct in the wind. In both cases (supposition) we believe the arm rocked back and forth until it wore both the bolt head away and some of the metal around the bolt hole. We’ve resolved this by taking a piece of angle aluminum, cutting some slots in it, and mounting it between the dish itself and a supporting structure. The triangular arrangement really prevents any movement.

Can you post a sketch or a photo?