Reflector dish with the pmp450i

Can use a reflector dish with the pmp450i subscriber module?

No. The PMP450i only comes in connectorized and integrated flat panel form factors.

There is talk however of Cambium releasing a 450b variant called the ‘RETRO’ which would have similar performance as a 450i radio, but in the legacy, low gain integrated antenna form factor which can be used with a CLIP or reflector.

Almost right, Eric!

The 450b Retro has been officially announced (well, it will be tomorrow!) and will be shipping in October. It has a similar form factor to the original 450 SM, but will be a much more capable device (wideband support from 4.9-5.925 GHz, enhanced processor, and gigabit Ethernet port).

It will absolutely work with the offset reflector dish… but not the CLIP.

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Here’s a sneak peak!

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Eric and Matt,
Appreciate your prompt response and help…
Just for avoidance of doubt this would cover the 900Mhz PMP450i SM’s, correct? If so what kinds of gain could be expected? Today we use PMP450i with dual pol Yagi’s between 12-17.5dBi

No, this ‘RETRO’ does not apply to 900MHz. At the moment the ‘RETRO’ design is only for the 5GHz band.

Thanks Eric,
Noted.Thank you and Matt for the input.