reg fail

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Yes, rotate the Antenna so the elements are aligned horizontally (assuming your AP is using a Horizontal antenna)

Yes, the AP is a normal integrated 900 so is horizontal. Glad I stumbled on this post before trying to put the Yagi 60' up in the air. The mounting came with it oriented the other way, and I never gave it a thought since it was purchased specifically for the 900SMC.

I’m thinking the same thing about there being too much noise. I just have a little trouble believeing a $5,000 spectrum analyzer is less acurate than the one Motorola itegrated. Of course the antenna on the analyzer is smaller, but the curve should be the same. Thanks a lot for your help. I’ll have to post a picture of the install. The guys that designed this thing order the antenna with the RF connector on the bottom. I was glad I didn’t have to climb that one.

Here’s the reason I didn’t want to climb this one.