Reg: New link suggestion


I want to establish a PTP link with the Hop distance is 20 km and need the throughput at least 50 Mbps.

Please suggest the right PTP product.



What does your spectrum look like and is it a clean LOS shot? What's your budget? Do you need HDX (50mbps one way) or FDX (50mbps both ways concurrently, i.e 100mbps aggregate)? Cambium has an array of various PtP options for 5GHz at different price points and capabilities.

If you have money to spend and you want THE BEST 5GHz radio on the market, get a connectorized PTP670 w/2' x-pol dishes... it works well in high interference, nNLOS situations, and has the highest bp/Hz of all of the unlicensed PtP radios. You will not go wrong with this radio and you will have massively overbuilt for future needs or situations. There will always be an area you can shuffle out this radio once you need more then 450mbps HDX and need to go licensed.

If you're on a budget, and you have good LOS and clean spectrum, consider the PTP550, or for even less money, the ePMP Force 300. They provide almost as much throughput as the PTP670, but at a fraction of the cost. Be warned though, they do not handle nNLOS or noise nearly as well as the PTP670. BUT... if you can use clean 40 or even dual 80MHz channels... you can get much higher overall throughput then the PTP670.. upto to over 1gbps with the PTP550.

Assuming that you can find at least 5MHz of clean spectrum (w/PTP670) or 20MHz of clean spectrum (w/PTP550 or ePMP F300) you can easily provide 50Mbps HDX. NOTE! currently PTP550 and F300 are limited to a minimum 20MHz channel width.



Thanks for your detailed reply