Region Specific Frequency Notch-Out for Software Release 9.5

The Region Specific Frequency Notch-Out feature in software version 9.5 may cause some confusion. The characteristics of this feature are described below.

Canopy center channel frequencies of 5590 MHz through 5660 MHz may interfere with or be interfered by weather radar in several Regions including Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia. In Europe, Canada, and Australia, to be in regulatory compliance operators must not transmit on these frequencies. Setting the Region Code to Europe, Canada or Australia notches out these frequencies and ensures compliance. Operators who perform a site survey in the United States should use the built-in Spectrum Analyzer or a stand-alone spectrum analyzer to check for activity on these channels and select other channels as appropriate. This information can be found on pages 42 - 44 of the Canopy 9.5 Software Release Notes.

Please contact Canopy Technical Support @ 1-866-961-9288, or email if you have additional questions.