Registering Issues

My company is using what I believe is PMP 100 units using 5.4Ghz.  

My South Sector on a tower stopped transmitting it's signal.  So I moved the customers off of that sector by changing the adjacent sectors (SE and SW sectors) to the South sector color code.  This way they would link up to it and enable me to change their CC.  I then changed these AP's back to the original CC.  

This is where my problem I'm posting about begins .  A few customers that were moved to the SE sector and along with a few orignal SE sector customer started to go idle.  After going to the customers units I saw that the unit would cycle between Scanning, Syncing, and Registering.  It would not register to the AP.   Their signal was good still.,  Jitter was a 1-2 and signal was at a -69 at one of the CPEs.  

Any Suggestinos on the cause for this?  At one customers house I treid to change out the CPE and got the same results.  It was not a brand new CPE though.  We don't have may new CPEs.  We like many ISP's re-use our equipment.

If you need any more information about setup of our equipment ect... feel free to ask.  I'll answer the best I can.  I'm not used to troubleshooting with Canopy equipment.

Hi, Please try 13.4.1 Open beta , released last week, that should fix this issue. Thanks,