Rel.15.0.2 NAT issue and internett connectivity drop

Just updatet a pmp450AP and it's SM's to 15.0.2 from 13.1.3.

After the update i can' reach/ping the SM's in NAT mode through their managment ip's and no connection in cnut.

Can be reached through the AP.

Also now and then they loose the connectivity to internet. No session drops to the AP but coustomers complain on drop in their connection.

All worked fine on 13.1.3 and no changes to config has been made.

Attached cnut file from one of the SM's

Hi Musicman,

The CNUT capture file which you have provided is borken or corrupted. So, we could not open it for analysis. (Please refer the screenshot attached).

I request you to send an email to with the new cnut capture file. So that, a ticket will be created and we will assist you further from there. 


Vijay Gnanamurtthi