Release 13.2 and bug with PMP430SM

I upgrade AP450 on 13.2 with set enable upgrade SM. But after in AP450 connected SM430 and 430SM upgrade software for AP/SM450 (CANOPY132BUILDOFFICIAL_MIMO_PMP450_DESAES_S). In SM430 i lose frequency 5.4 Ghz

I try downgrade SM430 on version (CANOPY131_3BUILDOFFICIAL_OFDM_DES.pkg3) for SM430 and receive errors- Invalid file image status 211.

Now all SM430 upgraded version (CANOPY132BUILDOFFICIAL_MIMO_PMP450_DESAES_S) i may downgrade only used (CANOPY131_3BUILDOFFICIAL_MIMO_PMP450_DESAES_S) - but it is version in Radio not have frequency on 5.4Ghz.

How i may downgrade all SM430 on version CANOPY131_3BUILDOFFICIAL_OFDM_DES.pkg3

You can't as far as I know.  Cambium accidently introduced a bunch of aditional frequencies  (5592.50 to 5900.00) with patch 13.1.2 which allowd the PMP430 units to operate within the 5.4Ghz range but were  removed again with later patches.