Release is now available

Release supports PMP 450m, PMP/PTP 450, PMP/PTP 450i and PMP 430 SM (Interoperability mode ONLY) radios. 


Software packages and documentation is now available for download

Hi All, 

Following regulatory approval of 450m, we have released to open up the following DFS bands:

FCC 5.4 GHz

IC 5.4 GHz

ETSI 5.4 and 5.8 GHz



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So this seems to be the only frequency, I can run clean.

Why do I get a message saying?

Reboot Required
Illegal Radio Frequency Carrier Configured!

This is on my 450i running 15.0.2

Sean - What frequency are you trying to operate on?

I have seen this when trying to set a frequency with the incorrect bandwidth.  Check that the frequency you are using is allowed for the channel bandwidth your are using (ie. the lower end freqs can be used for 5 MHz channels, but not 20).

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Does this firmware will allow to use 40Mhz channels?

Not yet... we're working toward that functionality for the R15.1 release, which is expected soon.

Thanks, that'll be awsome 

I am seeing random drops in  my network according to CnMaestro, which led me to having to make changes. Support says it is interference. I though these were a lot more robust but maybe I am too optimistic . I am close to installing our 450m and starting that build but if it can't deal with the noise, I am going to have to rethink how I deploy this. Anyway I attached  the Spetrum Analysis. I ran it on a 10MHZ channel but I didn't think it matters. So I was running 20mhz at 5840. I have a competiter running the 5825 which, I see this freq will over lap.

At the moment I am running link out 9.5 mile which down the road I hope to close the radius in. I am stuck with that for the moment. Shawn

We have had abosultely poor luck with getting the 900 Mhz 450i stuff to deal with interference.  The old PMP100 stuff was solid, and now we need signals above -65 at one of our tower sites.  When they work, they work great, but mostly they don't work.  Customers are not happy with our "upgrades".  Lots of money invested only to be looking at other solutions.  :-(

Perhaps, things will change when firmware 15.1 is released. You are suppose to get the double in bandwidth.

How come it's not yet available on CnMaestro cloud service? I have my radios updated to 15.0.2 but release is not listed . really only adds anything to the 450m.  It allows the use of 5.4 GHz frequencies in the US, Canada and ETSI countries.  There are no new features in it.

We are looking at 15.1 being the next release with added features.

Got it. Tks

I am having the same exact expierence acherman.  Initinally, the PMP450i 900 MHz equipment worked great and I was very optimistic but our local power company has started to put up smart meters and that is causing us nightmares, the only solution we have found is to put up different equipment unfortunately.

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So I ran into an issue where I couldn't get the Medusa to update the firmware and I was able to get my 450i to update.

So just to put it out there for you guys. Make sure Cnut is up to date as well. It hosed me for a half day. After I got Cnut up to date the firmware took just fine.

I've found that the OFDM equipment is extremely picky about alignment, especially with the noise in the 900 MHz band.  I often end up doing 5 second link capacity tests and aligning off the results, as the displayed signal strength and S/N just aren't good enough.

I can't even imagine somebody trying to use a headset to align this product successfully.