Release 15.0.2 is now available

Release 15.0.2 supports PMP 450m, PMP/PTP 450, PMP/PTP 450i and PMP 430 SM (Interoperability mode ONLY) radios. 


Software packages and documentation is now available for download


Does this Build address the modulation issues addressed in this post?



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Yes, 900MHz modulation issue is resolved in 15.0.2 build that was released yesterday. 



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Will this do anything for PMP 450 platform. 2.4, 3.65 and 5.4-8. We are having sync issues after upgradiing to 15.0.1.


I'm not exactly sure if I was seeing the problem with 900, but we only have a couple APs up so far.

I updated one 900 sector from 14.2.1 to 15.0.2 via cnMaestro a couple hours ago. Not really any changes in mod rates and linktests.

BTW, cnMaestro says 15.0.2 is Beta. Not sure why that is if it's build official.

Its an official build, there is some problem while we posted the package on support site with wrong manifest.

We will fix this soon and create new package which needs be re-uploaded on cnMaestro On-Premises.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



We have uploaded the new package in support site.
Please download that and upload and it will not show beta anymore.

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We await also a new firmware: from 14.1.2 voice is not prioritized although Cos 01 was populated.
It is important for us to resolve.

"PMP 450m Series AP is not compatible with CMM4. The CMM5 can be used with PMP 450m Series AP. 450m Series Ap may take up to 30 seconds longer to acquire sync compared to 450/450i APs."

CMM5 eh, i knew we were supposed to hear something a few months ago, did it get announced  and i missed it?

Haven't seen an announcement, but Winncom is listing it for sale:

Release notes and win com mention it but still no announcement of what it even does vs the 4

The CMM5 is a modular design. A master management module and injector modules are added on. Supports GigE and 4-pair powering for 450m. Uses a UGPS instead of an integrated GPS receiver. No integrated ethernet switch. I believe this was all in one of Matt's presentations.

Didn’t see it will have to look again maybe… when’s it due or when will docs release…

Any chance theirs an outdoor tower mounted version with a fiber uplink :slight_smile:

After upgrading 2 of my APs the Uplink power level on the link status page is the same for every client. I know this is not the case because some should be worse then -75, they do not have a -60. 

This only effected 2. Other APs that I upgraded showed the correct Uplink Power Level.