Release 6.1 without CNUT...please.

Is Motorola going to release 6.1 without this CNUT garbage? I can’t unpackage the 6.1 CNUT. My network is sitting on the floor waiting to be firmware updated and now that 6.1 is out I want to update it to 6.1 before I actually install it in the field…but no there is no way for me to do that now since I can’t get the .bin files to do the firmware update out of the package. Crap. If it isn’t one type of a delay it is another. LOL Help.

I have the same problem but I was able to extract the files needed for an upgrade other than the CNUT.

If you issue a “tar -xvf CANOPY61_DES.pkg” command on a Unix machine,
you will be able to extract the files “.bin” and “.jbc”. TAR is a command in
Unix to extract tape archived files.

Take note that this procedure and manual upgrade for Release 6 is not
anymore supported by Motorola due to RMA they got because of human
errors in the field, however, you can use it at your own risk. Goodluck!

Thanks! I’ll give that angle a try.

Untarred the .pkg file, and there were all those wonderful files. :slight_smile:

Only catch I see with 6.1, there are now two different .jbc versions, 051104, and 110204. Used CNUT on one of my BH units and it preferred 051104, so that’s what I’m using for the FPGA load when I do a command-line upgrade. Could someone clarify what platforms the 110204 file should be used on?