Release 8.4.1 and OFDM APs/SMs

I have just seen that software version 8.4.1 has been released.

This is only for “Canopy 400 Series OFDM APs and SMs”. Anybody can tell me what they are? Is it foreseen that these will someday replace the current Canopy FSK systems?

Will the future 8.4.x releases for the current Canopy FSK systems have the 3X option too (21Mbps)?


You probably won’t see 3X or OFDM on existing hardware. OFDM requires complicated, high speed Fast Fourier Transform capability which is may well be beyond the capacity of the FPGA chip used in the P9 boards (and probably P10)

Have you read the known bug list for 8.4.1 yet? Based on the bugs listed, the current software release for Canopy 400 parts probably won’t provide more performance than an FSK Canopy system for many current users.