Release 8 Release Notes

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Would you say that 90% of the problems listed in this forum are due to misconfiguration?

I would say that the majority of problems are primarily related to link quality.

~ Wrong antenna for the link in question
~ Interference
~ Non-LOS
~ Unrealistic expectations

Wrong configurations happen, but usually that is resolved before you deploy too many customers.

Let your early customers know you are just rolling out and there will be periods of intermittent or no service while you work things out. Start with cutomers that have been desperately waiting for some type of service. They will be just be happy that you are there and that you are trying. Be responsive when a cusomter calls.

Search the forums, read as many threads as you can - 99% of whatever you could run into has already been covered. Alot of the answers are short tech briefs that go into alot of detail, others are wrong info which are usually corrected at some point.

Above all - don't panic. this is not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

breathes deeply

Once again, thank you Jerry :slight_smile:

And what about 8 ver?

sorry to bring this up again… .but any one heard anything

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Ask again around October.