reload on layer2 neighbors

hi all,
on the tower there are i Bh20 and 2AP …
very often a AP1 became crazy and not respond more by cable so i must go to site and power cycle everything …
i can’t associate via other Ap via wireless because there is authentication enabled :frowning: but via Layer 2 Neighbors Log i can see the radio, the mac and ip address)
there is a way to make a layer2 reset without going everytime on site before next week i will have gsm reset to install on site…
i’ve tried via telnet, snmp, prizm but nothing :frowning:
thank you

Yup we had a radio doing the same thing on top of a 150’ water tower (2450AP)… it died :frowning: i’d replace it and send that guy in for warranty before it lets you down.