Remote AP slow to register

We have a couple of APs that are run from behind SMs in the following configuration:

NET --> AP1 --> SM1 --> AP2 --> SM2, SM3, etc.

There is a sync cable between SM1 and AP2

The issue we run into is that if we reboot AP2 for what ever reason we can’t communicate with it for about 1 hr (Http, telnet, ping, prizm). Customers can still connect the the internet during this time. Any thoughts on what may be causing this issue? We have 2 APs in this configuration and both behave the same way.


Can you get to SM2 or SM3? If so, telnet to it and then ping your gateway and/or AP2. It may be a bridge entry issue.

Unfortunately we are unable to access anything past AP2 (or AP2 itself) via Http or telnet. But it seems SM2, 3 etc can access the internet, at least our tech could when he connected to this “dead” AP and we are not hearing complaints form the customers behind this AP. We have checked for IP conflicts, changed out Hardware (both SM and AP). I have noticed posts here regarding the sync cable causing issues - could that be the case here?

Doubt the sync is the issue, but you never know

What if you reboot AP2, then SM1?

What is the bridge entry timeout set for in the radios and in the router? Try increasing the radio to something higher than the router

If we can manually reboot AP2 and SM1 (powercycle) we can usually resolve the issue - the problem is they are remote (over 1 hr travel time) and we can’t access them to reboot them - I can access/reboot SM1 but that doesn’t seem to resolve anything.

The bridge timing was set to 25 (default) I changed SM1 to 1440 and rebooted but still no connection to AP2.

i have a box in my storage unit called “IBoot”

it allows you to assign it an IP and you can manually reboot your equipment remotely. may be a worth while box for the extreme remote locations…I think it was under $50

This? … index.html

Its $275. Please tell me where you get it for $50!!!