Remote SM's

Out of curosity, for those of you who have remote AP/SM setup how are you finding it ?

We have about 4/5 co-located on cell towers, and I don’t find them to be stable.

Thinking of using MikroTik to create a BH (bridge mode) but having problems with that too… (anyone used these things)

NO problem here, we sync to timing port. of course if we lose sync they go away. but that does not happen very often

no problems here as well i just switched to several hardware sched mode modules and all is fine.

if you are planning to use the same freq you will have to enable transmit frame spreading to work with the latest release or you will start getting the sm that is used as the feed going off line and as soon as you reboot it will work for a indeterminate amount of time.

otherwise works fine

No issues expect for watching frequency coordination.
We avoid the sync loss by deploying a local GPS sync ($139 - … d5d6e2ef27) and thus the remote AP will not drop clients should the AP to remote SM link temporarily drop (Is this link solid in your case?)

In our case we are managing frequencies in such a way that we set the AP to Generate sync. That way we don’t need the timing cable at all.


i do the same but its not the correct way to do it…i dont currently have timing problems however i think stuff would run smoother if i did it correctly. i plan on repairing my mistakes 1 site at a time.

i only run a timing cable if i have more then 1 AP on a site…then i just time the two APs together.


We normally would only have 1 AP at the remote point anyway. But just out of curiosity, how would you use a cable to give timing to TWO APs from one SM ?

it is possible to make a timing splitter and connect 2 cables to the AP’s to one cable from the SM, although I have never done it, there is no reason why it should not work.

I use timing cable, but it does not seem stable, although both the SM and remote AP are in the same band (5.7) they are not on the exact same frequency they are as far as possible.

Also we try to create at least 15-20ft of vertical seperation.

I am thinking of putting a shielding plate behind the AP to stop the SM from causing it issues.

Our links seem unstable, I get packet drops, request timeouts when pinging…

i forgot to uncheck the ap freq in the sm once and it kept reg to the ap above it. after that mine worked fine till i got about 25 on it and then started seeing some trouble.

I have passed timing from a SM to 6 AP’s with no problems as long as their are no other sites in the area. If you have other POP’s in the area you will not notice anything until like the previous post stated the AP’s start to get loaded.

Running a remote AP off of a SM in the same band with less then 100ft vertical separation will also cause problems when you start to get the AP loaded. The last thing you want to do is have a remote AP generate it’s own sync.

I promise all of you that all of the above situations will fail eventually.

Not only timing but GPS timing is EXTREMELY important for a successful Canopy system. You want every POP to be in sync with all other POP’s in the area and the only way to do this is with GPS. I say all of this with real world experiance in the field and their is no way to cut the corners on this one. If you cant afford a CMM the unit works great for about $300 you can get the GPS and a 4 port sync injecter that will power 4 Canopy units and inject the sync in the CAT5 cable so you wont have to run 2 cable’s. just came out with a 8 port unit also for about a grand it has 8 ports for Canopy and 8 ports for a switch.