Remove PMP Devices

I'm having a hard time removing PMP450 ap's from Maestro cloud. It tells me to delete child devices first but I have already deleted all the sm's.

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Hi Kevin,

I believe, what you have is a tower which you are not able to delete even when the devices has been removed.

I would request you to create a new network, put this tower to this new network and try to delete it.

You can create a new network from Manage > Organise. 

Please mail it to if you are still not able to resolve this issue.

You might have deleted from the Inventory page . But also check the on boarding queue for any PMP SMs belonging to that AP are waiting for approval and delete them also. Then you should be able to delete the AP from cnMaestro Cloud server.

Thanks! I'll try that

Same problem...

I have replaced 2 PMP 450 with 2 PMP450i, moved all the SM on the new AP's but with no child device on the old ones I am unable to delete the old AP's

Have you checked if the old SMs are back in the onboarding queue?  After deletion the can get back to onboarding pretty quickly if they are still connected to the network.

I don't have SM's queued in onboarding queue.

When i've reblaced the AP's the old SM's was not connected to cnmaestro because. I have re-inserted the credentials and the SM's has been connected to the new AP's. Now i don't have SM's under the old AP's but i can't delete it.

Mayve i need to wait 7 days that the onboarding list wil be cleaned?

I've had ap's that went bad and were replaced. All the sm's were on boarded to the new ap. The old ap's are not able to be removed from maestro. I'm up to 5 now that I can't remove. Maestro says "Successfully removed" when you click delete, but it doesnt actually ever remove it from the system.

Telemar, can you invite me to your account?  Manage -> Administrators -> Invite Cambium Support


I'll check to see if some child devices are erroneously claiming to be a child of that AP.

Kevin, can you also invite me to your account and email me the MAC addresses of the devices that cannot be deleted?

jordan.stipati [.at.]

Hi Jordan,

I can't find the "invite cambium support" options (i have Version 1.3.0-r7)

I didn't realize you were running on-premises.  Can you post a screenshot of the error you are seeing?  I'll check our bug tracker to see if this was something that was fixed after 1.3.0.

cnMaestro should allow deleting a device even if there are children registered to it.  cnMaestro will just move the children to the Network level in the tree.  Maybe this is failing.  The main place we have restrictions based on parent-child relationships is when moving devices.

Thanks for the screenshots.  Based off them I was able to find where this denial is coming from.  I am discussing this with other developers to find the best way to get this resolved for you.  I will post and update once we have more information to give.

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I invited and emailed you.

Hi Telemar,

We're still looking into this.  I know you said the onboarding queue was clear before, but can you double check that there's no queued devices that would have been registered to the old AP when they first connected?

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for inviting me to your account.  I was able to reproduce what you saw and it looks like you are facing the same issue as Telemar.  "Device (MAC: ...) deletion failed. Child devices need to be deleted first."  The UI is reporting success for some reason though.  We will fix this separately.

Since we have access to your cloud account one of my colleagues will be looking into this and hopefully we can find a single solution for both of you.

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I'm not sure but i will wait some days to wait the Onboarding queue quell be cleanet automatically (1 week)

I've reconnected the old AP's and now they're come back the aviability in cnmaestro but i'm still can't remove it...

We've determined the root cause of this and are implementing a fix.  I will post an update when we know when it will be available.

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