Removing path clutter data for subscribers

Hey, is there an easy way to remove all of the path clutter detail for some or all of the subscribers? I'm trying to do some studies taking known good working subscribers from a google KMZ and seeing what it would be like to upgrade the AP from 450i to 450m, and I'm running into a bunch of subs that are red and cannot connect because the system says it's non-LOS... when I manually remove the clutter data, then they pop right up and can connect to the AP. Thanks!

EDIT: I tried removing the token from the system, tried unchecking request profiles manually, and profiles in KMZ/KML, restarting the program with none of these loaded and it still load the path clutter data. Do I have to remove all of my subscribers, and re-import them or something silly like that?

Hi Eric, you can remove/disable clutter globally from the Project Properties section on the main level page.  From this area you can also change the heights for various types of clutter.


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