Removing preferred AP


Can somebody help me with a json script to remove the preferred access point from an SM.


The specific template depends on if you are updating ePMP or PMP devices.  Which ones are you trying to update?

To create a JSON template on your own you would want to use the below procedure to figure out what parameter is used for Preferred AP by setting it to an easily searchable value.  Then update the SM via its web UI to have no Preferred AP, export the configuration again and use that value for the setting.

The process for creating your own configuration template for use as User-defined Overrides is:

  1. On a test device configure the parameters you are interested in overriding with values that will be easy to search for. This can be done either directly on the device web UI.
  2. Export the device configuration. Via cnMaestro this is done by navigating to Configure -> Devices, selecting the device in the left-hand tree and then clicking the View Device Configuration link. This can also be done via the device web GUI, typically in the Administration or Operations section where there will be an Export button for configuration.
  3. View the configuration file in a text editor like Notepad++ and search for the values you entered in step 1. You can also search for the parameter name to try to find the correct lines.
  4. Copy and paste the relevant lines into a new file.
  5. Replace the values with replacement variable text. This will allow you to set the value per device.

Sorry for not specifying. This will be for ePMP devices.

The configuration template for clearing out the Preferred AP table is below.  If instead you want to remove a single entry from the Preferred AP table, check the steps listed above for creating a new table without the target AP.  The full Preferred AP table must still be sent.  There is not a delete command for a single entry, at least for configuration templates.

	"device_props": {
		"prefferedAPTable": []