Repeater sites

I have 2 main sites with a bulk of my customers on them (running the 5.2ghz with the cmm, all the bells and whistles that you are suposed to have)

I also have about 13 repeater sites with no more then 20 customers on each one the set up looks like this

5.2ghz SM as the backhaul —> switch---->5.2 ghz AP
----->customers PC

any site that has more then 2 AP’s is timed with via power port and cable

there is plenty of distance between backhaul and AP, the backhauls are not connecting to the AP’s and the they are as far away from eachother freq. wise as possible. They are also all on differet color codes.

I am getting some loss on these repeater sites on some like 2% up to 10% others with 0% but my highest ping was like 3500ms.

any suggestions on how to improve these latency issues would be great.

I think I understand what you are doing. If I’m wrong then please correct me. You have from your tower a CMM -> AP over the air to an SM which is physically wired to a switch at a customer’s house. Then off the switch you have a remote AP which then broadcasts to other users in the area. Is that right?

If so is the SM passing the timing to the AP at the house? Do you see any GPS sync loss in the event logs of the remote AP?

When running in a scenario like this I highly recommend that the remote AP is on a completely different band than the SM. For instance the SM is on 5.2 and the remote AP is on 5.7, 2.4 or 900 MHz.

Since you are using the same band I would make sure you are getting max frequency separation between the SM and the remote AP.

Let me know if this is how you are operating because there is a little more to add if you are.