Replacement doors for force 180 and 200

Thanks to the poor attachment strap on the ethernet door of the force 180 and 200 radios we've now lost quite a few doors out in the field and have useless radios.

Is there a way to purchase replacement doors from Cambium?

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Jacob:  Sorry for your issues.  We are working on a change to the product to make the  attachment strap more durable.  Send me an email at with your address and how many you need of each type and we will see if we can come up with some spares.


So, since we are currently having this same issue, and this post was in 2016, we can assume that this problem was never addressed??

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I love the ''SOLVED!" on the original post.   LOL.  

1) I would also love to see a strap that is longer and stronger as to actually stay connected. The Cambium straps break off almost all the time, even trying to be really, really careful.

2) I would also love to see replacement doors/caps available. It's nasty to have a $150 radio that is useless because we can't buy a $2 replacement part.  :( 


I tell installers I'm training when it comes to ePMP " Do not ever trust that little strap ! Just go ahead right now and pull the cover off and pull the strap out because its only purpose is to trick you , to instill a sense of false confidence and then betray you ! You will be up there on the ladder or tower and you will think that little strap will hold it for the two seconds it takes you to change hands or reach for something  BUT IT WON'T ! It's waiting for you to think that and in that two seconds that cap will release itself from the strap and never be seen again ! Or at the very least you will be making an additional trip to retrieve it..."

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"we can assume that this problem was never addressed??"

I don't believe anything has changed on the 1000 series CPE's but the 3000 series ... I think they tried ? Maybe ? The F300-25 (Always Save version of the F200) is... arguably better, kind of the same as it is on the F190 ? I have only messed with a couple of the F300-25's (and we had them for over a year waiting for DFS) but the strap seems to be at least as good as the F190 which works pretty good.  The F300-16 is worse though, the strap easily disconnects from the little plastic nub on the cover. I think half the time the strap has come lose from the cover before you even take the F300-16 out of the box.  

Well said.  That is so true.  We pull it off for the same reason. 

Maybe Cambium takes the new ones back under warranty....

you have starps that are connected?????

I have yet to see a strap that is connected to the cap, seems to come off during provisioning (read opening for the first time)

We still add our own "strap" (bath tub ball chain) to all tower equipment. nothing like loosing a cap from 90m up in windy saskatchewan!

Replacement caps should be available, but are not! :(

we are saving dead and our of warranty radios for parts, but this is not ideal and leaves us short. I would like to be able to order a small bag of say 5 caps for a radio model. and even a replacement mount for force180 radios ( had one get smacked by a roofer that we were not told was coming (so client had roofer remove and reinstall but still caused a truck roll) and the roofer broke the plastic mount. The client was not happy about the bill about the replacement mount and the service call.