Replacement Ethernet Interfaces for Canopy Radio

I know I have seen this discussion somewhere before…

How have you guys repaired a bad Ethernet interface on a radio? Any particular manufacturer of the jack? Thoughts, experiences?

I got a few that need to be replaced tooo…

Yes, I have 4 that will power up but no Ethernet Link.

2 were from mis-wiring

1 was from staples

1 just died. ... tId=524453

You guys think that would work or no?

Probably not for two reasons:
1. That’s a Cat3 rated jack.
2. It’s unlikely to be a problem with the jack itself, it’s more likely a damaged component.

The additional complication with the components is that they are surface mounted, which requires some pretty specific equipment and some degree of practice replace without damage to the PCB.

I also saw that it was a CAT-3 jack, but what is the difference between a CAT-3 jack and a CAT-5 jack? I would think the 8 contact/pins would not have any difference?

While I agree it’s unlikely to be the jack itself, don’t get complacent and think that it CAN’T be. all it takes is one slightly boogered up (old telepohone company technical term) plug inserted in the jack to flip a pin out of place to put it out of service - been there seen that.

Another source, if you should discover through proper troubleshooting, that the jack is bad, would be Mouser: (just a random selection of RJ-45 jacks, they have lots of them.)

If it is just simply crossed pins, then a gentle nudge of the pin back into its proper location using a scribe and magnifying glasses will probably accomplish what little repair is needed.

Cat 3 v Cat 5, is to do with the quality of the components. CAT 5e is a standard which is of a much superior quality, hence if would not be a good idea to use the CAT 3 (normally used for telephone)

I meant to include something about CAT3 vs CAT5.

CAT3 is a 10Mbps standard.

CAT5 is 100Mbps.

There is probably little or no difference between a CAT3 and a CAT5 RJ-45 jack, except that one has been tested at CAT5 and the other hasn’t (or didn’t pass the higher standard but did pass the lower.)

Yes, if you look inside the jacks that are mounted on the circuit boards of the modules, in very tiny writing is the name “Molex”, which is the link you pointes us to.


Another question regarding this thread for anyone who has repaired the Ethernet interfaces on SM’s…

What other components on the SM circuit board are included in the Ethernet circuit besides the RJ-45 female interface, and the HALO chip located directly behind the interface? There is an SMC chip further down on the board with a P/N of “LAN” followed by some numbers. I am assuming this is part of the circuit as well.

Has anyone tried to replace these components, and if so, any stories to share? We have been experiencing some bad storms here in PA which have caused some rather length black-outs, as well as some zapped Ethernet ports on SM’s.

Thanks in advance.