Replacement plastic body

Does anyone know where i can get a replacement body? i have several units that are cracking, this particular unit we tried melting it shut but it did not last. 

Hmmm strange. I've never seen an SM crack like this. Could you describe what conditions might have possibly lead to this?

Assuming that it's some sort of defect, you could try to RMA it... otherwise, you could try to pick up a dead SM from eBay or a used Cambium seller and swap shells.

Just normal conditions here in VA. though they all crack the same, almost like the 2 bottom screws are overtightened

Is this on a 3.65 SM? If yes, does this happen with any other band SM's?

2.4 and 365 all we currently have deployed, 2.4 recently, 365 we have been using for a little over a year. 

365 are only ones i have seen this on so far

We have seen this with a small number of units.  We will replace these via the RMA process.

Please contact support to open a case.

If the caps are cheap we do not mind purchasing a few caps, it is far faster/easier than the RMA process just for the plastic cracking