Replacing a bad CBRS AP

I have a 3.6 AP that is in the CBRS system that has what seems to be a flaky ethernet port. The AP has a good number of SMs on it. So I need to replace the AP.

I found:
Page 37

Has anyone done this yet? It looks like some extensive potential down time.

I have not but have been using CBRS for a few months so I will chime in.

If you get the grant the day before in cnMaestro preferably a different channel so you don’t get stuck in IAP and get the AP to an authorized state then there is not as much downtime its best to do the switch over late at night so if you have room for both of the APs for a short time this is your best bet.
Then just in case CPAs is required you only have the customers down until CPAs. CPAs happens somewhere around 1 am to 3 am.

In this case, you would change the channel to none on the defective AP and then immediately sync the config in cnMaestro to the new AP. the SMs should register and get new grants in about 2 minutes. They will be authorized unless CPAs is required so again best to do this late night with a planned maintenance window.