Replacing AP with Advantage AP

Hi everyone,

I have an APs with 12 subscribers registered on it, I want to replace this AP with an Advantage AP and keep all 12 SMs running ok, which is the best way to do that? Every Canopy is running 6.1 already.

Thankyou for all the help you can give me.



If they are running 6.1 already you should be able to just configure the advantage AP with the same settings as the non advantage and just go up the tower and swap them :slight_smile:

And turn on the hardware scheduling.

Thank both of you for your answers, the question I have now is how to turn on the hardware scheduling in the remotes SMs, it is possible to do that from the AP site in the tower?

If you have newer SM hardware, then with R6.1 there is an option in the configuration: Scheduling (hardware/software). Otherwise you are required to use the CNUT to switch the SM’s to HW scheduler. I recommend to RTFM or at least the Release notes for R6.1 :?

Yes, In fact I did RTFM, I just wondering if someone already did that replacement and everything work ok. Thank you for your answers.

Did you just go to motorola dealer and swap your old AP’s to the Advantage AP’s ?

or you BUY with full price all the new Advantage AP’s ?


Full price my friend, but it’s ok because the old AP is going to another tower with just one SM to register for now. Anyway, if you know some Moto dealer is doing that just let me know.