Reported downlink SNR discrepancies

I've been seeing very low reported downlink SNR on XM radios that have been elevated.  This is the SNR reported in the  SM dashboard.  SNR reported on the AP is typically very different.  Downlink MCS rates tend to be all over the place though, so the noise situation could in fact be as bad as the SM reports it to be.  Without the ability to remote-run a spectrum analysis though it may have to remain a mystery.

Consider the following:



On the AP for the same SM:


Hi Jacob,

Could you please let us know firmware version running on XM device.

We will check this issue in our Lab.

You are absolutely right, that issue looks like incorrect representation of SNR on SM side.

Thank you.

3.2.2 on everything.

We will investigate that issue and revert back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Issue has been confirmed and for now it is spupposed to be fixed in next release after 3.3 Release.

Thank you.