Reporting for Client WIFI


I've got some clients asking for more detailed information regarding client usage throughout their e410 networks. Does CNMaestro offer anything like this? 

Specifically they are looking for how many clients connected, how long they were online, how much data they used. Preferablly on a weekly basis. I was looking around the reports in CNMaestro and grabbed a CSV file that seemed to have most of this info, but no way to parse it into a graph, and no way to run the report on an automatic weekly basis. 

Anyone doing something like this?

Hi Ryan,

You can download the CSV from Clients grid but this will be the current data and not for a week. The client reports are available in On Premises version which can be downloaded for a week data also. But for cloud it is not there currently.



We have On-Prem. Where are you able to see a week of data for Wifi Clients?

For a cnPilot router, it would be really nice to have these graphs easy to access from the Clients/Wireless Clients menu. You can get current RSSI, and roaming history, but not signal history.

cnMaestro 2.4.1-r10

Hi Kelmore,

Sorry, the clients reports is currently available only for last one day in On Premises.
We are planning to include more data for client reports in the future releases. What you meant by Signal History , can you please provide more details on this.


What I mean is I would like to see a graph of signal vs time for a particular cnPilot R series wifi client.

About the reports for a single day. When I click on a cnPilot R series router, there is no “Reports” tab, so I do not see how to generate a report of this information.

We have the same problem encountered by our customer and complained for the on-premises cnMaestro. Our customer needs the client report to show how many clients connected to the dedicated SSID open to public with connection duration etc. Unlike the report for device or performance, only 1 day report is generated for client instead of 7 days for device and performance when selected weekly in the report. We do not understand why 7 days data report cannot be generated for Client report.
From the very beginning, we understand from Community or Webinar that there’s 1 week’s data storage for cnMaestro, no matter it is Cloud or On-Premises version. Therefore, it is not acceptable as the user guide as never mentioned only 1 day’s data can be provided.
If it will be improved in future releases, will Cambium give us a more clear indication on the release date or the roadmap ?