Reports in CnMaestro

I have been doing a Proof of concept for a Telco for the Cumbium WiFi solution using the CnPilot E series AP and Cloud CnMaestro for Management. I put the service at a Pizza store and I generated a number of 30 minute internet voulchers( about 350) to be given to all the clients who buy a Pizza. Now that the POC is almost over, i tried to generate a report but realised that the reports on CnMaestro are quite limited with the info they give out. what i critically wanted was atributes like: total data downloaded/uploaded  for the entire POC period ( it could only go back a week), MACs for associated and authenticated devices and actual data used by each device, etc. Is there a way of defining attributes. 

I need to give a comprehensive report to the Telco on the Findings.