Request #266793

Hi Cambium folks.
I need help with this case. It was opened on the 1st of July Australian time and so far nobody has taken over (Just an answer saying “I’ll get back to you with in 24-48 Hrs”). Request #266793.
It is an out of the box unit which doesn’t receive any GPS sync. I have contacted my wholesaler and they have to wait until I get a RMA number from Cambium.
Can I have a little push from any of you please?.

Best regards

DImas Perez
Thryve Broadband

This is a good example of why you should befriend your Cambium Regional Sales Manager (RSM). They can intervene for you on matters like this and help expedite an RMA.

What I’d do is just reply to the ticket again asking for an update.

Hi Eric. I did so on the 4th of July with no reply…

I’m not sure where the support/RMA staff is located, or who reviews it… but just FYI, this weekend is a huge national holiday in the USA. I think a lot of the Cambium employees in the states are off. I wouldn’t expect a response till probably the 6th.