Request: 450SM's Registered Stats


I am curious as to why when looking at the home page on a 450SM it states the Registered Stat as follows...


In the SM

Session Status: Registered 8x/6x Mimo-B

As seen from the Medusa AP,

8x2B / 8x2B -- 8x6B / 8x4B

Basically cherry picking the best stat to display.

Kind of creates a false sense of the SM working correctly, hindering remote troubleshooting at first glance.

As I have seen instances of 8x1A / 8x1A -- 8x8B/8x6B in a Medusa and the SM will say 8x8B.

So I'd request that 2 stats be displayed, Upload and Download, or just Download as the Priority.

As far as I can tell this stat being displayed is soley from Upload.


That's what the Link Status page is for under Tools. It will show you both the downlink and uplink modulation for each SM. It's also color coded to make it easy to track overall AP health, and spot bad apples. You can also re-sort almost every column on the entire table to make it easier to spot certain patterns.

Lastly... when it shows a modulation of "8x1"... the first number "8" means that the SM connected is capable of transmitting up to 8x modulation. The second number "1" means that the SM is currently transmitting at 1x modulation. The only time the first number might be different is if you were using legacy PMP430 SM's that can only transmit at a maximum 4x modulation... so those SM's would appear something like "4x1".

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