Request: ePMP 3000 2x2 with filtering.

Hi Team,

Could we please start a conversation regarding a e3K version with the exact same feature set as the ePMP3000 4x4, but in 2x2 only.

I am aware the e3KL is available but this does not have Intelligent filtering, yes we could use horns to mitigate some noise, but when operating in noisy environments there is still noise out the front, especially in the cities.

Basically we would like to upgrade all of our existing Access Points to AC, but we do not want to change antenna's when there is no need to, or able to. Not to mention the costs involved in a complete change over.

A lot of our sites utilise the RF Element horns due to tower loadings and I am sure a lot of you are in the same situation, so even if we wanted to change out to a full e3K kit it is not possible. Nor do I want to deploy the Lites due to the missing filtering feature.

Could Cambium look further into this please.

Interested in opinions from others also.

I think a lot of people were really surprised about the 3000L not having filtering and have voiced similar concerns... but it would have significantly increased the price. People are still deploying them however and from what I've read, are having great results when paired with horn antennas. I feel Cambium's goal with the 3000L was to produce a low cost connectorized model similar to the original e1k (which didn't have filtering).

From a price use/case stand point things are laid out pretty well IMHO:

$224 - e1k w/GPS Lite model - Greenfield, clean spectrum, super small pop

$399 - 3000L - Greenfield, clean spectrum, small pop

$629 - e2k Full model - Designed for collocation, can deal with poor spectrum issues, medium sized pop

$799 - e3k - Designed for collocation and density, can deal with moderate spectrum issues, large pop

These are street prices off of Winncom BTW.

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I'm curious what sort of measurable uplink noise reductions people have seen when using the same sectors or horns and only swapping out the radios for 2000 vs 1000.  I ask that being one that never had any reason to swap 1000 ap units for 2000.

I have however swapped a lot of UBNT rocket AC units for first generation prisms and then second gen on the same horns.  The uplink noise mitigation on those swaps (due to enhanced filtering) was pretty much always negligible compared to the cost of the swaps.  GPS sync on those same units made the swaps well worth the cost though. 

I suspect that my biggest issue is always that co-channel interference is rarely the biggest issue for me.  It's the on-channel stuff that can't be filtered out anyway. 

Can't you just not use 2 of the antenna ports on the 4x4 3k ?  Didn't I see a post here somewhere and someone was connecting them to ePMP 2k antennas ?