Request for ability to access SM through the AP when using EPMP antennas

There is not currently a way in which I can access an EPMP sm when connected to an EPMP access point directly, if this feature were to be added it would be very helpful. Almost all of the other Cambium equipment supports this already (5.2 GHz/2.4 GHz/450/etc.)

If I am wrong and there is a way to do that currently please let me know!

Are you referring to the “SM click through” feature in Canopy? If so, yes, this is something we are planning to support in a future release in ePMP.

Can we please have the AP Display the DHCP IP of the SM & allow us to click though to the SM from the AP??

Also the backdoor IP when configuring the SM as been problematic as after it connects to the AP it take you to the AP instead of the SM this scares me as it allows a known backdoor IP to our AP’s that customers and easily find & this also makes it very difficult to config a SM… will we see a fix to these issues anytime soon?


Thanks CambiumSri for that answer, that is exactly what I am talking about. Is there any timetable on when that will be available?

Ryan, I don’t have a confirmed release date yet for the feature but it is tentatively planned for 1Q 2014.

Timothy, We will be addressing the local (backdoor) IP issue in our next release due to come out in December.