Request: Point-to-Multipoint View

(Copied my post from the cnMaestro Forum to here)

Hi Team,

I would like to make a request which I believe would benefit the community when managing there network.

When you select a tower it would be great if when viewing the list of AP's you could see what Frequency they are operating at and there channel width. Making them sort by order would also be great with this feature.

I have attached an image to better explain. If there is already a way please let me know.

Also when selecting Statistics it would be great when you turned on the Connected AP option that not only does it list the MAC address but also the SSID of the AP for easy recognition.

Maybe have 2 options too turn on, connected AP MAC and Connected AP SSID, the only time I need to know a MAC other than when adding to our systems is when it has died and need to perform a RMA.

Thanks for your time.