Request - Statistics history.

Hi All,

I would like to get the history added so cnMaestro for Signal parameters, MCS rates, Throughput etc.

Currently we have throughput history but I hate to say but its pretty poor for diagnosing issues.

An example been on Aircontrol I can  open a window and make custon graphs which will show me down to the time I set for polling the  stats.

For exapmle if I have a client that is having issues I can go back to the day they say the issues were worst. I can then see that the MCS rates were great till they started downloading and there rates dropped making it easier too see interference issues.

It is also good when someone calls up complaining of speeds that I can turn around and say hey buddy I can see your history and your speeds are great, do you have others in the house using the net. etc etc.

The below chart is for a PTP we have that is currently not ideal, but I am able to go back and view the history since this Powerbeam was commisioned down to 5sec intervals  if I choose too. You can also hover over any of those colored lines and will give you the value.

You can also customise the charts, pretty much anything you can poll can be added to the graphs.

This is what I hope to be able to do with cnMaestro in the future.

Signal / MCS / Number of stations are available as grahps in CnMaestro,

But i agree with you, the graphs are scattered across different "views", and are limited to 1 week.

In that regard, AirControl is a lot more fluid than cnmaestro, and you can plot more parameters, and compare them in the same "view".  
That's something Cambium has to work on, and they are aware of that.

To get to the graphs you want (some of them only available  on the AP's view:

you click System -> "name of your network, or "default" if you haven't set one" -> "Name of the tower" -->

--> "Name of the AP" ->> Click on the "four bars with an arrow icon"(performance graphs for that AP you selected)

Then you can select the "troughput" // "retransmission" // "number of connected SM's"  graphs.

Thats true, but IMHO its not very good, you cant zoom in and its just averages really.

1 week over such a small scale is not helpful.

>Thats true, but IMHO its not very good, you cant zoom in and its just averages really.

>1 week over such a small scale is not helpful.

I agree.  With our MRTG and CACTI graphs, that's exactly what we do - increase the 'granularity' so that we can drill down and see what was happening last Sunday at 2-3 PM if that's when the client reports an issue.  Seeing a 30 minute average or whatever... that's not really useful for diagnosing issues.

We really need to keep all the stats for over at least the last year in at least 5 minute resolution. I know most graphing packages keep 12 month's - but we find so often in tree-land here, that we need to know what happened to their signal last year this time, but since every year is a bit different weather, so we basically like to see 13 month's history to have an idea if the tree-related signal drop off that they might be seeing in July is normal for last July also.