Requirements for running cnMaestro Cloud

I would like to know the requirements for running cnMaestro Cloud

I’m not sure I understand the question. You don’t “run” cnMaestro Cloud yourself, Cambium runs it for you. You can create an account and start adding devices immediately for free at

The only requirements for you are to ensure your network configuration allows your devices to make outbound HTTPS connections to

We already have CnMaestro on premise,so i want to confirm that if we create an account will the devices that are already on them still be there

Creating a new cloud account will not have any effect on your On-Premise installation. Devices that are connected to the local server will not be moved to the cloud automatically.

So it means we will have to onboard all the devices afresh to the cloud

Yes, I believe so. I think the customer support team are able to help with exporting data from the cloud version so that you can import it to a local instance, but I’m not sure if there is any help for going in the other direction.