reset f300-16

hi all … I have a f300-16 that tells me unidentified network and I can’t log in. i would like to reset it, but i can’t with the button. could you advise me how to do it? i read something on the internet, but they don’t work.

When you say you can’t log in do you mean you can’t reach the radio (and thus you are not presented with the option of logging in) or do you mean you are able to load the logon but it’s not accepting the username/password ?

Normally (Unless it’s disabled/changed or the default port is changed and you don’t know it) you can set the IP on your device manually (which you would have to do anyway once the radio is defaulted) to 169.254.1.# ( 2-254 ) and access the radio at without defaulting it (and that is how you will access it once it is defaulted). Unless you have a very old software version on your radio and then it’s for APs and for CPEs ( so you would need to manually configure your device to something like ).

Otherwise if it’s because you don’t know the password there are only 4 ways to default the radio that I know of (1) Software via CLI or Web Interface option (and you have to know the username password to access those). (2) CNMaestro ( only works if the radio is connecting to CNMaestro) (3) The reset button on the radio (4) Power off/on sequence that does not work if it was disabled in the settings

Also if you don’t know the password and the radio is configured to retain the password then a factory default will not help and unless the radio is connecting to a CNMaestro server that radio is dead to you.

Power on/off procedure:

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good morning … then … the radio had now I can no longer access via the web, because either putting in static ip or dhcp on the pc does not let me access. I also tried to put and on the pc as a static gateway but nothing. I would need to reset it, as I don’t care about its current state, but to recover it. can i try somehow? on cnmaestro I can’t because it wasn’t registered and I don’t think the button is disabled

What do you get when try via backdoor ip? Can you see GUI or can you ssh?