The reset_factory_default_tool crashes when I run it. I’ve tried to running it 3 different machines, all with Windows XP Pro OS and all are up-to-date. I’ve tried downloading the file again. Still crashing. The error message is Ref ID 1313. The PC is hooked directly to the WiMax AP (Not through a CMM4), and the AP has the latest firmware. Anybody got a solution?

The reset tool is for CPEs running v6.5.1 (AKA e2.1) software only and not for APs.

If you need to reset the AP back to Factory Defaults… check out section 13-6 of the PMP 320 Administration and Configuration Guide.

Sure would be nice to have a reset tool for the CPEs running the old SW…I’ve got one that will remain unusable until then…

You’ll have to RMA that one back to Moto